Best Electric Drum Sets for Kids [Three Top Choices]

Great kids electric drums sets at a glance:

We all have this fantasy of being a part of a band. It may either be as a singer or as someone playing an instrument. But what looks the coolest of it all is when you play the best electric drum set. The question is, why an electric drum set?

Traditional drum sets are undoubtedly amongst the most fun musical instruments. The downside is the fact that they are so massive, and in a time where most of us lack space where we live, owning a real drum set is sort of impossible. Hence, the best alternative is an electric drum set.

What is more interesting is that that saving space is not the only advantage of an electric drum set. There are a lot more, and we will discuss some of them below.

Best Electric Drum Sets for Kids and Beginners

The Advantages of Electric Drum Sets

  • Audio Mixing

Electric drum sets have the ability to offer an endless variety of sounds, and you can incorporate pre-recorded percussion songs and phrases right into your performance. You can also add some effects such as delay and reverb that you would never be able to do in a traditional drum set.

  • Sound Editing

Electric drum sets allow you to edit your performance with absolute ease. You can adjust the timings and sound better in order to suit your recording. Also, all the recorded content gets saved as MIDI data which is perfect because editing and mixing this file type is quite straightforward in comparison to an audio track.

  • Practice Buddy

Even if the aim is to ultimately own a traditional drum set, electric drum sets are perfect for beginners and children. Playing on them will help you build coordination and muscle memory that is essential to become a good drummer. Best of all, you can attach a pair of headphones and practice wherever you would like without making any sound.

With all those benefits, we are definite that you might be interested in having one or getting one for your child. Since picking from a lot of models and brands is quite tedious and time-consuming, we have looked into three electric drum sets that are worthy to consider.

Best Electric Drum Set: Our Top 3 Choices

1. Paxcess Nine-Pad Foldable Electronic Drum Set

Paxcess may not be a famous brand, but the company has proven to be quite reliable when it comes to this Nine-Pad Foldable Electronic Drum Set.

This is an upgraded model of their previous Four-Pad Roll-Up Drum Kit. Not only are there additional pads, but this produces more realistic sounds than the previous model.

The nine pads of the Paxcess Electronic Drum Set are all extremely sensitive to touch. So, the second you strike any of them with the stick, it will produce a rich sound. These nine pads correspond to the ride, snare, cymbals, toms, hi-hats and kick.

This particular model is integrated with a dual stereo speaker which is ideal when it is played in an outdoor environment. There is also a USB MIDI jack output which allows you to connect it to your computer to play music, and create some nice beats that you can save and use later.

The drum has the right size for kids and it can be folded up; hence, it is extremely easy to carry around and bring it during your travels. In addition, when fully charged, it will give you about eight hours of playtime. Once it becomes low in battery, it will only require two to three hours for it to reach 100%.

Paxcess Nine-Pad Foldable Electronic Drum Set

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  • Waterproof
  • Highly-sensitive pad
  • Made of food-grade materials
  • Space-saving and portable
  • Great for kids and beginners


  • Relatively expensive

2. Eoncore Portable and Foldable Electronic Drum Pad Kit

Eoncore Portable Electronic Roll up Drum Pad Kit Silicon Foldable with Stick
54 Reviews
Eoncore Portable Electronic Roll up Drum Pad Kit Silicon Foldable with Stick
  • Up to 9 pad including Bass Drum, Tom, Snare, Hi-Hat and Crash Cymbal, etc.
  • Use of drums reality sound, various optional drums and will bring the perfect brand-new experience
  • Especially designed for kids to play, best Birthday / Christmas gift for your kids

The Eoncore Electric Drum Kit is made out of silicone, so it is completely safe from water spills.

It can be powered by two AAA size batteries or electricity through its DC 5V port. As per its weight, it is just around 1.5 pounds, making it extremely easy to roll up and carry around.

This electric drum kit comes with nine, highly sensitive pads which correspond to the drum, tom, snare, hi-hat, bass, foot pedal and crash cymbal.

It produces high-quality sound, which is almost similar to the one produced by a traditional drum set. Additionally, with this drum set, you can record the music you played.

This product is integrated with an audio input and output feature, as well as a professional demo so that you can get the hang of things when your first try it.

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  • Sensitive pads
  • Space-saving and portable
  • Dual power source
  • Lightweight and waterproof


  • Requires external speakers

3. Oley Portable Electronic Drum Kit

Portable Electronic Drum Kit, OLEY Digital Foldable Roll-Up Drum Pad Set...
19 Reviews
Portable Electronic Drum Kit, OLEY Digital Foldable Roll-Up Drum Pad Set...
  • ♫ Musical instrument Design ♫- Electric drum kit with 2 foot pedal offer you the better experience like a real drum. 7 Drum Surface: 1 x Crash cymbal, 1 x Ride cymbal, 1 x Ride, 1 x Snare, 3 x Tom; 2 x Foot Pedals (1 x Hi-hat, 1 x bass drum).
  • ♫ Compact and Foldable Design ♫- Ultra-thin silicon material that you can fold to take in and out, won't take up too much space & is convenient for you to take it to any place. With waterproof appearance, perfect for kids.
  • ♫ Built in Speaker ♫- With USB MIDI & 3.5mm audio Jack, the drum could connect with headset, phone, computer to play drum games. It will bring you astonishing bass effect, no need to connect with other speakers.

The Oley Electronic Drum Kit is a two-foot pedal kit which offers a fantastic sound and playability almost as good as a traditional drum set. It comes with nine pads which include:

  • a snar
  • bass drum
  • hi-hat
  • ride cymbal
  • high tom
  • low-floor tom
  • low-mid tom
  • and an open and closed hi-hat

Its settings and drum style are just brilliant for small shows and practice.

This drum set has a recording feature so that you can save the music you played. It also comes with two built-in, high-quality speakers that offer brilliant sound. There is also a USB MIDI option to recharge your drum kit along with a 3.5 mm jack.

To add to its list of features, the Oley brand offers seven drum sounds with nine accompaniments and five different demo songs to get you into the groove.

It has a decent volume level and speed control, which gives you complete customization of the drum kit. Best of all it is made from an ultra-thin silicone material that folds easily.

Oley Portable Electronic Drum Kit

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  • Portable and waterproof
  • Highly sensitive pads
  • Space-saving and waterproof
  • Can be connected to other devices


  • Overly sensitive bass pedal

Compare these featured electronic kits for kids:

Final Thoughts: Which Electronic Drum Kit for Beginners Should You Buy?

Amongst the three best electric drum sets we have reviewed above, we consider the Oley Portable Electronic Drum Kit as the one we certainly liked the most.

That is because it comes with all the necessary additions to an electric drum set, and it has a high-quality.

Not only is it a perfect gift for a child to get their hands on, but is also great for adults who want to learn how to play the drums.

Editor’s Pick!

Portable Electronic Drum Kit, OLEY Digital Foldable Roll-Up Drum Pad Set...

What are Oley Portable Electronic Drum Kit Owners Saying? >>

  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Value Factor


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