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The best drum throne lets drummers play for a long time comfortably. Find out which throne is the right choice for you with our expert roundup review and buying guide!

The Best Drum Throne

Three Drum Thrones to Rule Them All

Great drum thrones compared:


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#1 Best Drum Throne Deal

Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne 4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 / 5



#2 Best Budget Throne

Drum Throne Stand by Griffin

Drum Throne Stand by GRIFFIN | Padded Drummer’s Seat | Comfortable Drum Set... 4.1 out of 5 stars

4.1 / 5



#3 Most Solid Throne

DW Drum Workshop 3000 SERIES DWCP3100 THRONE

DW Drum Workshop 3000 SERIES DWCP3100 THRONE W/ VISE MEMORY 4.7 out of 5 stars

4.7 / 5



The best drum throne is an important piece of equipment in a drummer’s arsenal as it allows them to play for a long period without causing serious damage to the knees and joints.

Some uninitiated folks think of it as just a stool, but there’s actually more behind it, especially how it completes the drum set.

Typically, when a person says drum set, you would think of the cymbals, the high hats, the snares, the floor bass, the toms, and the bass drum as this is what you would envision a percussion instrument to include.

Not a lot would realize that the so-called stool actually completes the set, and using it ensures a great jam ahead.

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Our Top 3 Drum Thrones in Review!

1. Best Drum Throne Deal: Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne
1,877 Reviews
Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne
  • Top grade foam for maximum comfort
  • Adjusts from 18 to 24 inches high and the dimensions of the product are 15-1/2 inches width x 13-1/4 inches depth x 3-1/4 inches height
  • Direct in height adjustment with memory lock

Gibraltar 6608 Features

  • Double-Braced Base

The Gibraltar 6608 throne comes with double-braced legs that end in rubber feet to ensure that it would not slip no matter how hard you hit.

  • Top Grade Foam

The thick seat comes with a top-grade foam, and it can swivel 360-degrees, so you can hit the drums no matter what angle you like to hit them.

  • Classic Vinyl Seat Cover

The saddle seat of this chair is covered with classic motorcycle-esque vinyl that gives it an elegant appearance.

  • Adjustable Height

The height of the Gibraltar 6608 is adjustable from 18 inches to 24 inches, and it comes with a memory lock that helps you lock in the perfect height.

Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

Gibraltar Throne Pros and Cons

20px spacer

Gibraltar 6608 Drum Throne Review

What We Like

      • Quite comfortable
      • Sturdily built
      • Has thicker cushion than others
      • Pretty good drum throne
      • Smooth vinyl cover
      • Lightweight and portable
      • Easy to assemble

What We Don’t Like

      • Should be made to go lower for younger drummers
      • Wobbles after a while

Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

What Are Gibraltar 6608 Throne Owners Saying? >>

2. Best Budget Drum Throne: Griffin Professional Double-Braced Drum Throne

Drum Throne Stand by GRIFFIN | Padded Drummer’s Seat | Comfortable Drum Set...
489 Reviews
Drum Throne Stand by GRIFFIN | Padded Drummer’s Seat | Comfortable Drum Set...
  • GRIFFIN'S PORTABLE STOOL TO REDUCE STRAIN AND SOUND YOUR BEST: Don’t compromise your performance with a low quality, uncomfortable drummer seat that strains your back. Whether for the stage or practice, this is a deluxe drummer’s stool with a round seat is extremely comfortable with 2.75 inches of high-density foam padding that will easily hold up to 215 pounds, offering unhindered mobility and unparalleled flexibility to help you play even the most difficult passages with ease and confidence.
  • AN IDEAL MUSICIANS STOOL SO YOU CAN FOCUS ONLY ON YOUR MUSIC: Don’t settle for drum seats that prevent you from reaching your full potential! Invest in this professional-grade, double-braced drum throne, made with the needs of serious performers in mind. Equipped with double-braced legs for maximum stability and special rubber tips to prevent slippage, you can rest assured this stool will allow you to sit on it for hours of rehearsals and gigs, without causing any discomfort.
  • FIND YOUR PREFERRED DRUM THRONE SEAT HEIGHT: Featuring an adjustable height mechanism and heavy-duty metal post mounting bracket, this comfortable drum throne stand is designed to cater to the changing needs of any drummer. Simply adjust the height from 18 to 23 inches according to your preference and keep the settings in place with the help of the slip-proof nut and bolt. Ideal for traveling musicians, this drum stool is highly portable and easy to carry with you to your next gig.

Griffin Throne Features

  • Adjustable Height

The Griffin Professional Drum Throne has an adjustable seat height that can go from 18 inches to 23 inches using a wrench or a pair of pliers.

  • Double Braces

This drum throne is equipped with double-braced legs that also have rubber tips to help prevent slippage, ensuring that you are always stable no matter the genre you are playing.

  • Thick Padding

The Griffin throne comes with a 2 and 3/4-inch padded seat that can support any drummer weighing up to 215 pounds.

  • Added Stability

The round drum throne from Griffin is supported by a heavy-duty metal post mounting bracket that provides greater stability. The nuts and bolts of this throne are also slip-proof for easy adjustments.

Drum Throne Stand by GRIFFIN | Padded Drummer’s Seat | Comfortable Drum Set...

Griffin Pros and Cons

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Griffin Drum Throne Review

What We Like

      • Heavy duty and durable
      • Makes it easy to play drums
      • Soft and comfortable cushion
      • Nice practice kit
      • Works well

What We Don’t Like

      • Materials appear to be of low-quality
      • Sharp edges on metal parts
      • Does not swivel
      • Rocks around and feels unstable

Drum Throne Stand by GRIFFIN | Padded Drummer’s Seat | Comfortable Drum Set...

Are Griffin Drum Throne Customers Happy? >>

3. Most Solid Throne for the Money: Drum Workshop 3000 Series DWCP3100 Throne

241 Reviews
  • Sturdy tripod base
  • 13-Inch diameter round seat top
  • 3-Inch thick seat

DW Throne Features

  • Sturdy Base

The DWCP3100 Throne comes with a tripod-like base that is double-braced for additional support. It also connects to rubber feet that ensures that the seat would not slip about while playing.

  • Thick Padding

This drum throne comes with thick 3-inch padding for superior comfort while you rock the night away.

  • Adjustable Height

The Vise Memory Lock feature of the adjustable height ensures that the drum throne would not suddenly slip and bring you to the lowest height after a long period of sitting.


DW 3000 Series Pros and Cons

20px spacer

DW 3000 Series Throne Review

What We Like

      • Well-made
      • Thickly padded but not too soft
      • Does not slip
      • Solid construction
      • Does the job well
      • Comfortable seat
      • Seat height is adjustable

What We Don’t Like

      • Loosens after a few sessions
      • Can get uncomfortable after a long while


What Do DW Drum Workshop Throne Owners Think? >>

Buying Guide for Drum Thrones

These are among the things you want to look at when purchasing a drum throne:

  • Comfort

Choose a drum throne that has cushions made of memory foam or some other material that does not get flattened or get lumps easily.

  • Seat Type

Think of how you would behave while playing–do you tend to go around with your chair, or do you prefer staying put unless the song calls for a more aggressive style of playing?

  • Base

Drum thrones typically have tripod bases, but some models would have the traditional circular base. Tripod bases are easier to fold and store as compared to circular bases.

  • Adjustability

All drummers can use drum thrones, but all cannot use a single drum throne. People vary in height, and this means that the clearance needed between the knee and the drum set varies as well, so you would need a drum throne that can easily be adjusted.

Types of Drum Thrones

Drum thrones can be considered a piece of furniture even though you would rarely see one inside a furniture shop. This stool is more commonly sold in music stores and specialty shops that cater to similar musical furnishings.

Again, this is not just a stool as it can come in various forms and sizes including:

  • Round Drum Thrones

This drum throne looks like your regular stool chair with a round cushion and a tripod-like base. Round drum thrones usually have an adjustable height, and the tripod-like base can be folded for easy storage and added portability.

  • Pork Pie Thrones

As it is called, pork pie thrones look just like oversized pork pies set atop a tripod-like base. The foam used for pork pie thrones is usually more advanced, thicker and have unique crisscross patterns.

  • Saddle Thrones

Imagine a bike seat, or a saddle (hint), enlarge it and make it wider, and prop it on top of a tripod-like base, and you have your saddle throne. Saddle thrones are made for drummers with larger body shapes and for those looking for a specific way to sit while playing.

  • Thrones with Backrest

This drum throne is usually a saddle throne that has a backrest to provide back support for veteran drummers or drummers who are nursing a minor injury. The backrest provides extra support when you need it.

Compare Featured Affordable Drum Thrones:

What’s The Best Drum Throne For You? Final Verdict

Among the three contenders for the best drum throne, the Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne appears to rule them all with features like the adjustable height with memory lock that does not slip even when playing metalcore.

The extra soft foam and the sturdy double-braced legs complete the reasons why it is the best among the three drum thrones listed.

The stylish vinyl cover does not hurt as well, and it says a lot about the discerning drummer and the tools that he uses. All three drum thrones have their strengths, but the Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Thrones really comes out as the best.

Editor’s Pick!

Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

What are Gibraltar 6608 Drum Throne Owners Saying? >>

  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Value Factor


Overall Score:

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