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How to Choose the Best Drum Set
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Choosing the Best Drum Set: Quick Links Drum Basics Drums are part of a group of instruments involving percussion. Drums themselves have at least one “membrane” call ed a drumhead or skin … Read More

Best Drum Mic Kit: Sound Check 1, 2, 3
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Drum sets are often in the background during a concert, and it is not often that they become the highlight of any performance. This particular fact should not belittle the role of … Read More

Best Professional Drum Set: Your Next Step
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Great Pro Drum Sets at a Glance: For those about to take drums a little more serious, you’ll want to invest in a higher quality drum set. So, what makes a good … Read More

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Best Drum Brushes: Three Great Picks
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Great drum brushes at a glance: Musicians, just like any other practicing professionals, need the best equipment and tools. Those making music day in and day out would need their trusty musical … Read More

Best Snare Drums for Beginners: Three Top Picks
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Great beginner snares at a glance: The best beginner snare drums are great tools that can be played on their own, or used as perfect instruments for practicing. Find out which one … Read More

Best Drum Throne: Another Throne to Collect
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The best drum throne is an important piece of equipment in a drummer’s arsenal as it allows them to play for a long period without causing serious damage to the knees and … Read More