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Playing the drums is both fun and engaging. A person who is passionate about drums is someone who has an interest in percussion and the rhythm that is created by instruments that involve hitting or banging a membrane or disc. This is what entails in playing the drums – a movement required to hit an instrument to be able to produce a beat.

What is the role of the drums?

In an orchestra, the percussion is the backbone of the entire group of instruments. This is because percussion instruments, like the drums and cymbals, are the backbone of the entire ensemble.

Percussion is the spine of the entire piece and without it, the song is without direction and will sound lifeless. Drums serve the same purpose in a band.

The drums keep the entire band intact. All other instruments follow the rhythm that is set by the drums. Without it, all other instruments will play in a different tempo, and the entire piece will be out of sync.

the role of a drummer

The bass guitar relies heavily on the drum and is considered its partner because the drum’s tempo sets the rhythm of the bass guitar. Other players in the band follow the drummer’s lead.

The drums give life to music as the heartbeat gives life to a person. The drums are important in making the song full of pulse and the speed of the music makes the listener enjoy the song more. Drummer’s solos are a treat and are considered very important parts of the song.

Make a smart, informed decision. Find the answers you need for choosing the best drum sets:



Parts of a Drum Set

There are many variations of the drum. These are common types that are seen in a drum set regardless of the purpose that it is used. These drums are the snare, bass and hi-hat.

The snare drum is the center of the set. This is the drum that is located between the drummer’s knees and produces the strongest sound. The drum is mounted on a stand.

The sound produced is high and striking. The snare drum is called such because there are strands of snare wires at the bottom of the drum that vibrate with the drum head when it is hit.

The bass drum is the biggest drum found at the center of the set. It is the drum that is also called the kick drum because it is operated by use of a pedal that is pushed by the right foot. The bass drum produces the most basic feat or the first thump in a measure four beats of a whole note.

The bass drum produces a deep thump and is the lowest pitch of all drums. When a drummer uses double bass drums or two bass drums, the music is heavy metal.

The hi-hat is a set of two cymbals that are tapped by a stick or clapped by a foot pedal. This type of cymbal is mounted on a stick.

The cymbals clap when the pedal is stepped on and release when the foot is not pressing on the pedal. The hi-hat can also be struck with a stick but drummers prefer that the hi-hat is operated by foot so that other drums like toms and snares can be hit simultaneously.


What are the other parts of a drum set?

Other drums that come in the set are called toms. Hanging toms are placed above the bass drum and are supported by a tube and screws. The floor tom is mounted on the stand as is placed near the cymbals.

Toms are drums with a clear head and are used without snares. They are played with sticks and are used in fills and rolls. Each tom produces a different pitch and some drummers use many toms for variation and style.

The cymbals are important in the set and usually come in two types. These are the ride and crash cymbals. The ride cymbals create a gentler effect or what is termed as “wash”. The crash cymbals produce a loud clanging sound and are often accompanied with a strong kick to the bass.

How to Choose a Drum Set

For beginners, selecting the first drum set may be daunting. The task will entail a lot of considerations and an understanding of how a drum set is used.

The type of drum will rely heavily on the type of music that the player wants to create. A jazz drummer will be able to play with a simpler drum set while a heavy metal drummer will need bigger drums and more bass drums.

Another point to consider is the drum head or the skin. The skin is the plastic surface that is hit to produce a sound. The type of head and the texture of the skin will determine the type of sound produced. A head that is thicker will produce a sound that resonates less and is deeper.

The head with a thinner skin will have a more resonating sound and is more versatile. The sound will be less deep but more versatile because quieter rhythms can be played.

The user must also choose a drum set with good wood structure. The drum shells, or the body of the drum, are made of wood. Higher quality wood, such as maple or mahogany, produce a sharper and more pronounced sound than those made with cheap wood.

The brackets, stands and pedals should also be of good quality. The hardware is what holds the set together and should be structurally sound to make the drums stay intact while they are being used.

The throne, or the drummer’s seat, should be adjustable and sturdy. The drummer is expected to sit on the throne for a long time and the user should make sure that the legs and feet of the throne hold well.

The drummer should never use a computer chair or a typical stool to play. This is because computer chairs will restrict the movement of the drummer and will be too high for the drummer.

Compare Drum Sets:

5 Best Drum Sets:

The following are the best drum sets. These sets were chosen based on the quality of delivery and their efficiency to perform for a long time. The quality of sound and their versatility were also taken into consideration.

Gammon Percussion Drum Set

This Gammon Percussion Drum Set is a set that is composed of five pieces of drums as well as sticks, a throne and a drum key. The product is made of quality materials and is precise in tonality and pitch. The shell is made of quality wood that imitates the sound of mahogany when resonated.

The coat of the drums is thick and the stands make the snare, foot tom and hi-hat stand firmly in place. The pedals are chained to the hi-hat and the bass drum and ensure that the entire set stays intact. This is a beginner’s set and looks like a professional unit that makes the user feel more like a pro when practicing.

The drum heads are well-made and produce an effective resonation of sound. The cymbals are made with quality metal and will be able to resist rust or cracking.

The set comes with a drum key that can fix flat sounding beats. The set comes with an adjustable seat that can adapt to the drums’ height and reach. Even heavy drummers can be supported by the throne.

However, the seat is very uncomfortable. The drums take long to assemble because the instructions do not come with the set. Tuning of the instrument will take half an hour to do because there are not enough lugs.


  • Complete 5-piece drum set
  • Drums are standard sized and great for jazz playing
  • Stand and pedals are made of quality metal
  • Comes with high-hat and crash cymbals
  • Drums made of high-quality wood
  • Set is complete with throne, sticks, and key
  • All pedals are chained
  • Good beginner’s set
  • Throne is adjustable and can carry heavy drummers


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Unhelpful customer service
  • Hard to tune

Mendini Junior Drum Set

This Mendini brand set is a smaller drum set which is designed for children between three and eight years old. The drum set is meant to give a general feel to children who show an interest in playing the drums. The base drum has an eight-inch diameter while it has one mounted tom with a diameter of six inches.

The seat is adjustable and the drum set will be useful as the drummer grows in age. The set comes with a snare and a cymbal. This is a junior set that produces the correct pitch and tone. Young children will enjoy and have a good musical foundation using this set. The set also comes with light and wooden drumsticks.

The product’s size and height are just right to create better beats and rhythm. The product is of sturdy composition. The drum set is shock resistant and the rhythms created have accurate pitch and tone.

The drum set has a snare, a tom which is attached to the bass drum, and a cymbal. The rudiments of rhythm are easily learned with the product and are very educational.

The product is not good for use of children above five years as the child begins to be too big for the size of the set. The stands tend to wobble and the snares have to be tightened regularly. The hardware is not reliable and tends to loosen its grip.


  • Drum shells made of wood
  • Strong and able to withstand impact
  • Good for children aged 3 to 8 years
  • Includes bass drum, mounted tom, bass drum, and a cymbal
  • Includes adjustable drum throne
  • Bass drum includes pedal
  • Has a pair of wooden drumsticks
  • Easy to assemble
  • Produces quality sound
  • Good learning tools
  • Durable and have a long life
  • Easy to assemble


  • Constantly needs tuning
  • Needs to be tightened regularly
  • Drum heads tend to crack

Best Choice Drum Set

This Best Choice brand is a beginner’s drum set and includes all the essential tools needed for a starter’s kit. The set is a five-piece set and the drums are made of quality wood. The coat is smooth and has black and silver accents. The drum produces a good sound and will not need tuning.

The drums are made of quality materials and produce accurate pitch and tone. The drum head is made of plastic that makes the beat resonate well. The diameter of the cymbals is 12 inches and is good for crashing. The hi-hat cymbals have well-made pedals and are connected to the instruments by a tight chain.

The instrument is stable and will perform well during recitals. This is a product that is great for beginners and will help to make the learning process easier and more efficient. The tonality of the drums is accurate and there will be no need for returning the product.

The skin is responsive, which helps the new user to have easier practice sessions. The product is durable and can be used for years. The manufacturer has an efficient customer service facility and responds quickly to emails.

However, if professionals try to use the product, they will be disappointed because the unit is not intended to give a big range of pitches. The advanced user will get frustrated with the basic nature of the product.


  • Good for beginners
  • Made with quality plywood
  • Good sound quality
  • Drum heads made of well-textured plastic
  • Stands hold well
  • Pedals are chained to the hi-hat and bass drum
  • Complete set and ready to use
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Set is complete with snare, bass, toms and cymbals
  • Includes drumsticks that are 16 inches long
  • Made with high-quality wood and black coat
  • Shells come in silver coating


  • Not for professional use

Lagrima Drum Set

This is a Lagrima Drum Set that is intended for beginning adult drummers. The set is five pieces and includes a crash cymbal. The shell is made of polished wood. The product is well-made and the shell helps produce a good resonance of sound.

The set is a good learning tool for entry level players and can allow players use various kinds of practices. The product is a reliable instrument and versatile to match any drummer’s height and reach. The cymbals produce a good foundation and are stable when struck.

Lagrima produces cymbals that sound like professional instruments and beginners will be able to learn accurate pitches and tones. The cymbals and heads can be replaced if the player reaches a more advanced level. The heads can be tuned easily according to the style of the drummer.

The toms offer a variety of pitches. The set is complete with all the instruments and accessories intact. It is a beginner’s set with a professional look and drummers will be able to get the feel of advanced playing.

However, the set’s cymbals are off-sounding and more advanced users would prefer to replace them.


  • Comes in a 5-piece set
  • Complete set comes with snare, bass, toms and cymbals
  • Drumsticks, drum key, and stool are included
  • Shells made of heavy-duty wood
  • Produces whole and deep beats
  • Shells are coated black
  • Stands are made of quality steel and PVC
  • Good for adult beginners


  • Only for amateurs’ use

Stage Rocker Drum Set

This Stage Rocker Drum Set is intended for professionals who are low on the budget but are looking for professional sounding instruments. The drums are made with quality wood that is as good as maple or mahogany in terms of resonance and pitch. The pedals are constructed well and will not break easily.

The high-quality sound is good for performances and concerts. The set is appropriate to bring during gigs and rehearsals. The hardware is constructed well. The drumsticks are made of wood and will not break or split after heavy use.

However, the product’s cymbals do not produce an accurate sound and will need replacing. The bass drum keeps moving forward and the toms tend to slip from the mount on the bass drum.


  • Set is complete with cymbals, snare, bass and drumsticks
  • Bass Drum is 14 x 22 inches
  • Floor tom is 16 x 16 inches
  • Ride toms are 10 x 13 inches and 10 x 12 inches
  • Snare drum is 5.5 x 14 inches
  • Stand is firm and supports snare and hi-hat
  • Comes with throne and drumsticks
  • Shell is made of laminated wood
  • Has laminated brackets that are double braced
  • Drumsticks are 5A and have wooden tips


  • Bass keeps on moving forward
  • Toms slip from the mount


Choosing the right drum set will need a conscientious assessment from the buyer. The drummer must know his musical style and get the set the is most appropriate for the technique that is to be used.

There are sets that are more versatile and are made for a wider variety of styling, which is recommended for beginners who have not yet fixed to a specific musical genre. Playing the drums and learning to perform is a skill as well as an art that players should have the patience to understand.