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Stage Rocker Drum Set Review (Is It The Right Complete Kit?)

The Stage Rocker 5-pc Drum Set with Double-Braced Hardware may be promoted as a professional grade kit – but is it? Find out for yourself in our expert review!

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Stage Rocker Drum Set Review

Stage Rocker Drum Set at a glance:

Stage Rocker Drum Set

4 out of 5 stars

4.0 / 5

Stage Rocker 5pc drum set with double-braced hardware


The Stage Rocker 5pc Drum Set with Double-Braced Hardware is a professional grade drum set that is reasonably priced because the set is complete with bass, snare, bass and cymbals.

The product is made of high-quality polished wood and chrome plated brackets much like the best professional drums sets on the market.

The stands are made of metal and provide good support to the instrument. The bass pedal and the hi-hat pedals are solid and will not break after heavy use. The drums produce high-quality sound and the set is responsive.

The Stage Rocker Drum Set has a high-gloss finish which will make both drummer and the set look good onstage and in the rehearsal studio.

The hardware on the drums is high quality and is double braced. The chrome finish gives the drum a nice outline and holds the product well.

The drumsticks are made with wood and have a tip that hits the skin well. The percussion is great at impact and is resistant to bumps and careless handling.


Stage Rocker Kit Features

  • Set is complete with cymbals, snare, bass and drumsticks
  • Bass Drum is 14 x 22 inches
  • Floor tom is 16 x 16 inches
  • Ride toms are 10 x 13 inches and 10 x 12 inches
  • Snare drum is 5.5 x 14 inches
  • Stand is firm and supports snare and hi-hat
  • Comes with throne and drumsticks
  • Shell is made of laminated wood
  • Has laminated brackets that are double braced
  • Drumsticks are 5A and have wooden tips

The set is made by a quality manufacturer of musical instruments and has a good grasp of what musicians need. This set is made for good musical performances and also for beginning drummers who want to learn using high-grade drums.

Stage Rocker Drum Set Review


Stage Rocker 5-Piece Drum Set Advantages

This is a reliable professional drum set that comes complete with bass, snare, toms and cymbals and is ready to use. The shell is made of good plywood that will help produce whole and crisp beats.

The shell is polished black and the double brackets are laminated with chrome.

The stand of the snare and the hi-hat are made with sturdy materials and will not cause the product to wobble. The stands are heavy and will provide stability to the instruments.

The durable frame of the drums is reliable and the strength of the pedals adds a solid structure and the instrument’s good performance.

The throne is sturdy and gives ample support to the drummer. The drummer feels comfortable with the sound that is created while hitting the skin and its effect is resonated by the wooden shell.

The snare is receptive and the cymbals do not create a clanging sound. There is also more strength in rolling and dragging.



Aside from the efficiency in sound, the drum is versatile and can adapt to any drummer’s height and reach.

The snare drum is made for professional use and is capable of sustained performance and long rehearsal sessions. The skin will not crack and can withstand high impact and stress on transportation. The shells are built to resist bumps and mishandling.

Starting musicians will also benefit from the product’s good performance. The product is great for learning and will be able to teach young drummers about basics of drum playing. The drums will produce precise sound and deep beats for various kinds of rudiments.

The set will fit well in a rehearsal studio or a basement for rehearsal sessions. The product is easily assembled and rearranged.

Aside from the precise quality of the sound, the drums are able to make musicians appreciate the value of a good-performing drum set and not spend as much.

Struggling artists and new percussionists can now afford to make a small investment in a set that will bring long-lasting service. The drum set will still sound good after hours of practice.


Stage Rocker Set Disadvantages

The cymbals sound off and need replacement. The drum set needs tuning and frustrated drummers may find this as a major flaw. However, a drum will always need re-tuning depending on the playing style of the drummer.

The bass drum tends to slide forward, which is a common occurrence for drums, and needs to be reinforced. The toms need to be tightened constantly, which makes the structure unreliable. The toms will slip and fall to the ground if the user fails to tighten the screws.


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In Summary: Is the Stage Rocker Drum Set for You?

The Stage Rocker Drum Set is a professional grade product that bands, expert players, and even beginners can use. The product has good structure and the drum’s shell is made with good plywood. The drums are also reinforced with double brackets which are chrome plated.

The stands are made of good quality metal. The set is resistant to impact and can be brought to gigs and rehearsals. The beats sound good and the instrument is receptive.

However, the toms do not hold well on the bass drum and the screws need to be tightened constantly. The bass drum also has a tendency to slip forward. The cymbals need to be replaced because the sound quality is not good.


Editor’s Rating:


4 out of 5 stars


Stage Rocker Drum Set


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