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Pyle PTED06 Electronic Drum Pad Kit Review

The Pyle PTED06 Electronic Drum Pad Kit may be loaded with a ton of convenient features and a compact design, but is it the right drum pad kit for you? Find out in our expert review!

Pyle Electronic Drum Set Pad Review

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Pyle Electronic Drum Pad Kit Review: Here Are Few Things To Note Before Buying

Pyle Electronic kit-Portable Electric Tabletop Set Machine with Digital Panel, 7...

Pyle PTED06 Electronic Drum Kit With Built in Speakers

Why Consider The Pyle PTED06 Kit?

The Pyle Electronic Drum Pad comes with a compact design. The drum set can be set on any type of flat surface like a table and be played right away.

As with top electronic drum sets, you can choose from hundreds of preset sounds and songs. And the best news is that you can even record edit and save what your play, this way you`ll be able to assess your progress.


And if these sounds and options are not enough, you can connect the set to a computer to open the world of new possibilities and improved creativity.

In terms of independence and ease of use, you will be happy to know you can choose the set even as a learner. The special program for beginners is dedicated for these situations and can teach you how to master the electronic drum set.

You can even take the drum set with you, if you want to play outdoors or away from home as the device can work on batteries as well.

Pyle PTED06 Electronic Drum Set Main Features

  • All-in-one design ready to play
  • Built-in sounds and songs
  • Learner Mode
  • Computer connectivity

Pyle Electronic kit-Portable Electric Tabletop Set Machine with Digital Panel, 7...

Pyle Electronic Drum Kit Overview

The Pyle PTED06 Electronic Drum Pad Kit can represent a great option if you are starting out with drums. It can be used by both adults and children which makes it versatile outside the sound performance.

The sound of the kit is great and comes with good precision. You can even choose from the preset sound options and tune the set to your requirements.

So what do you get with the set? Basically you get everything you need to start playing. This includes tom toms, hi hat and snare drums.

Cymbals are also included and can be tuned from the various available options. You even get bass drum pedals which can be a good addition to mimic professional drums.

A big part of any electronic drum set comes with adjustability. This is where you can really take advantage of the smart programming of an electronic drum set and you can choose to adjust according to playing style or even according to a song.

Pyle Electronic kit-Portable Electric Tabletop Set Machine with Digital Panel, 7...

This is why you can adjust the tempo and beat, which can be the base for a new song and you can even practice using different beats from different styles of music.

The rhythm and the volume can also be adjusted. The good news is that there are hundreds of sounds to choose from which can cater to a wide range of players.

Recording and saving is a top feature which might be considered for all types of players, but especially for beginners.

With longer playing sessions it may be difficult to establish which areas need improvement or which rhythm has been off. The most practical solution is to record the session and play it later for a correct assessment of your skills.

Another major advantage of electronic drum sets is the connectivity. There are many reasons for which good connectivity can lead to skill improvement.

Pyle Electronic kit-Portable Electric Tabletop Set Machine with Digital Panel, 7...

Having the option to connect your drum set to your computer is perfect for mixing or editing. This is where you will take your songs to the next level.

The visibility of the drum set is also enhanced by the used of LED display. You will be able to quickly see the settings and make fast changes to your preferences using the highly visible buttons and the LED digital display.

Since you will need an energy source for this technology you can connect the drum set to an electric socket or you can even use 6 C batteries which can give you more independence.

Pyle PTED06 Drum Set Key Points:

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Pyle PTED06 Portable 7 Pad Kit Review

What We Like

      • Easy to use
      • Works on batteries
      • Works with headphones

What We Don’t Like

      • Supplied cords are short

Pyle Electronic kit-Portable Electric Tabletop Set Machine with Digital Panel, 7...

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Alternative Drum Set Choices

Many people are debating whether to choose between a classic drum set like the Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit or the alternative Pyle PTED01 Electronic Drum Pad Set. First of all, the electronic drum kit can be used by adults as well while the 5-piece classic alternative.

While paying classic drums can be a good option to learn and improve the skills, playing electric drums can also have its benefits both in the variety of the sounds and on the quick recording and editing options.

You can connect the drum set to the computer and edit the recordings to suit your needs and you can even come up with professional sounding results which some decent skills.

With a classic set, coming up with professional results might be more difficult. But since the 5-piece design is aimed at children, you should also compare the electronic drums for kids` performance.

Both sets are great for learning or improving drum skills, but only the electronic model allows you to record and edit the sessions which is where you will have to make the decision on what is best for your child.

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Final Thoughts: Is the Pyle Electronic Drum Pad Kit Worth Your Money?

The Pyle Electronic Drum Pad Kit represents a solid option for all types of players, adults and even children. Since it comes with hundreds of preset sounds, it represents a good alternative.

It’s great for players who want a change from the classic drums and need better sound customization n even the ability to record and edit on a computer.

The Pyle Electronic Drum Set can also prove to be a good choice for those who value mobility and energy independence.

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The drum set can work with 6 C batteries and provide an enjoyable experience on the go. And since it comes with a compact design, it can be one of the best choices for any situation.

Unlike a traditional drum set, the electronic drums come with LED lights and digital display technology which is aimed at maximum adjustability. This is why you should consider the drum set if you truly value the added benefits of the extra sounds and songs.

If you’re not going to use the extra sounds you will not maximize the potential of the electronic drum set. Regardless if you plan to use it yourself or offer it as a gift to your children, the drum kit can be a good choice for new or intermediate players.

Pyle Electronic kit-Portable Electric Tabletop Set Machine with Digital Panel, 7...

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  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Value Factor


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