Best Snare Drums for Beginners: Three Top Picks

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Best Snare Drum for Beginners

Snare drums are an essential part of any drum kit as they dictate the tempo of the drum solo, and it serves as a timing tool that drummers use effectively that you don’t even realize them doing it. The best snare drum, in actuality, goes beyond the drum set and can be played on its own with a pair of symbals or slung over and played in a marching band.

The list of uses that a snare drum has, and the scenarios and musical arrangement to which it can fit in is not that expansive, but they are enough to justify starting your drum set with the best snare drum kit that money can buy. Some of them come packaged with drumsticks, stands and even a pair of cymbals.

Three Snare Drums Thrumming Up A Storm

1. ADM Student Snare Drum Set

The ADM Student Snare Drum Set is a beginners drum kit that comes with a 14″ x 5″ steel snare drum. Some of its key features include:

  • Chrome Finish

ADM Snare Drum comes with a hairline nickel finish which adds to the responsiveness of this student’s drum.

  • Standard Size

The drum itself is measured like any full-sized drum which can provide a positive real-drum experience for student drummers. The included stand is measured at 19 inches, adding the drum makes the total height at 26 inches, the standard height for snare drums in professional drum kits.

  • Rubber Practice Pad

This ADM Snare Drum comes with a rubber practice pad which reduces the sound produced making it ideal for practicing at home or any other area where reduced noise is required.

  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps

ADM Snare Drum comes with soft straps that can be adjusted to fit any body type.

  • Padded Backpack

This drum comes in a portable, padded backpack that lets you carry the snare kit around, be it to a gig or band practice.


  • Rubber cover mutes the drum sound letting you practice anywhere without having to worry about disturbing others
  • Great tool for learning how to play the drums
  • Produces good sound quality
  • Can produce sharp and loud sounds when used without the rubber pad


  • Stand may be a little short for adults or bigger kids but perfect for setting your young ones in a musical way
  • Stand feels flimsy and may seem ready to fall over even with its three legs
  • Adjusting the stand is a challenge.
  • Snare head breaks sooner or later, and a better replacement should be ordered ahead of time

2. Mendini Student Snare Drum Set

The Mendini Student Snare Drum Set is another beginners drum kit that comes with a stand and a pair of wooden drumsticks. This student snare drum kit comes with the following features:

  • Standard Sizing

The Mendini Snare measures 14″ x 5.5″ which is the regulation size for snare drums.

  • Regulation Stand

This snare drum comes with a 30-inch stand with ten lugs. This is the average height for snare drum stands that fit users of all ages.

  • Rubber Practice Pad

The Mendini Snare Drum comes with a rubber padding that mutes the sound of you practicing late at night.

  • Adjustable Neck Strap

This snare drum kit also comes with an adjustable neck strap for carrying the snare out into the field.

  • Padded Backpack

The Mendini Snare Drum comes with a padded gig bag that lets you bring it anywhere.


  • Excellent sound
  • Lugs help keep the drum in tune
  • Rubber padding lets you practice anywhere
  • Replaceable Snare head allowing you to modify the sound quality of this snare drum


  • Stand is a little heavy to lug around
  • Stand can be a little higher than standard although still playable with a full set of drums
  • No clear instructions to help you set up
  • Gig bag is poorly made, and the zippers break easily

3. Griffin Snare Drum

The Griffin Snare Drum is a student’s snare kit that is designed with a poplar wood shell and glossy finish. It comes with a pair of wooden sticks as well as the following key features:

  • Quality Materials and Finish

This snare drum by Griffin is made using 3-ply, 7.5-mm poplar wood as the exterior shell and a glossy PVC finish.

  • Regulation Size

The snare drum itself measures 14″ x 5.5″ and can fit in any standard drum set.

  • Eight Tuning Lugs

The Griffin Snare Drum comes with tuning lugs that let you tune it without any hitch.

  • Smooth Throw Off

This snare drum comes with a quiet drum throw off that lets you tighten or loosen the snares to your preference.


  • Thumps like a whip
  • Produces good-quality sound with every beat
  • High-quality materials
  • Can be repurposed with a new head to create a professional snare drum
  • Can be tuned high or low and will still produce that characteristic snare beat
  • Perfect for beginners and students
  • Nice alternative to more expensive professional snare drum kits
  • Snare head and wire modifications are all this snare drum needs to sound more professional and easy to the ear


  • Does not come with any instructions or any information about the product at all
  • Snare throw-off is a little off-putting and flimsy, but a quick adjustment with the snare wires can do the trick
  • Snare drums rattle a bit from the bottom and might need adjustments from time to time

The Best Snare Drum

Out of the three listed snare drum kits, the Griffin Snare Drum is the clear option when it comes to producing great-quality sound while sporting a classic wooden shell finish. The eight lugs let you tune this snare drum quickly and easily, while the heads are made of quality membranes that respond beautifully to the thumping of the sticks. The throw-off is a nice addition as it allows you to tighten, loosen, and even mute the sound as you go.

Snare drums offer a characteristic beat to any song. If you love a good rhythm, then learn how to play and master it at any age as it is the gateway instrument to the amazing world of percussions. What are you waiting for? Pick up a pair of sticks and start hitting that beat!

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