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Drum Set Buying Guide (A Quick Look At The Basics)

If you’re a new percussionist, this short drum set buying guide is perfect for you. Learn what type and quality of drums are the right fit for your style!


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Drum Set Buying Guide: The Basics

In order to buy a drum set, a buyer must know what type and quality of drums are appropriate for the intended use. A drum set must serve the intention of the drummer as well as the skills necessary to be able to use the drums effectively.

Knowing what type of drum and the quality of its structure is important if the purchase is worth it. The size of each instrument that makes up the drum set will determine the quality of the sound that it produces.

There are conflicting opinions on the types of drums that are good for beginners that can also be used for more advanced users. The user must note that the quality of the sound depends on the size and make of the drum as a whole.

There are smaller drums that create a more powerful sound, while there are larger drums that sound flat.


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What is a drumhead?

A drumhead, such as those manufactured by Evans, is also called the skin of the drum. This is the most important part of a drum because the quality of the sound highly depends on it. The texture and thickness of the head vary per drum. Thicker heads produce less resonance. The beat and the pitch are more focused and are deeper.

A thin drumhead produces a lighter sound and there is less resonation. The thin head allows quiet playing and can be hit with a lighter touch. The sound is less deep and brighter.

Drum heads also vary in the coating. There are heads that have more coat, meaning that the beat is more controlled. These are heads used for a snare. A clear head produces a lighter sound and is used for the toms.

Evans G2 Tompack, Coated, Standard (12 inch, 13 inch, 16 inch)

When selecting a drum set, the user must make sure that the drumhead is made of good quality material and the size and texture are put on the right type of drum. The color and the drum head’s thickness will make sound quality vary a great deal.


Drum Set Buying Guide


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Does size matter?

The size of the drum will depend on the type of technique that the drummer wants to use. There are many kinds of drumming styles and the drums used will vary with the type of drummer.

For example, a jazz drummer will not need large bass drums or many toms. A jazz drummer will be able to perform with a basic set and a set of chimes for soft playing.

A rock or heavy metal drum player will need more cymbals and two bass drums. Rock music will need louder thumping and deeper bass notes.

For a new drummer trying to decide which kit to start with, a jazz style set would be more appropriate to use. The basic kit is composed of an 18-inch or 20-inch bass drum, toms which are 10 inches and 14 inches, and a snare that is 14 inches. These sizes are basic and can allow more versatility in playing.

There are sets that are called fusion sets. As the name implies, these are drum sets that allow a drummer to play a larger range of music.

The set is composed of six pieces which are composed of 10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch toms, a 14-inch snare, and a 22-inch bass drum. This set also uses a 22-inch floor tom. Fusion sets are used to play R&B, hip-hop and funk music.


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What about hardware?

The hardware of a drum refers to the parts that make a drum set stay intact and produce a higher quality of sound.

The most important hardware pieces that a drummer should consider are the pedals and stands. These pieces should be made with quality materials so that the drums will have more life and can be used for many years. The hardware can be replaced and upgraded.




The most crucial hardware is the bass pedal. The bass pedal must be durable and can be used for rugged purposes. The pedal should also be adjustable and can be optimized. The stand that is used to support the hi-hat should also be of good material. The hi-hat should not wobble when it is being used.

The throne is also considered by most music experts as part of the hardware. The seat should be adjustable and be able to withstand the heaviness of the drummer. The throne should be appropriate to the drummers’ height and reach.

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